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During this limited-time offer, our basic SEO Audit covers all the essential aspects of your website’s SEO, including keyword analysis, on-page optimization, technical SEO, backlink analysis, and more. Our experienced professionals will analyze your website thoroughly, providing you with a detailed report that highlights both strengths and areas where optimization can make a significant impact.


Last year in 2021 we saw several core updates from Google targeting a variety of issues including visitor page experience, over optimization, incorrect use of affiliate links and more.

Some content creators are seeing their organic traffic plateau or decline.


Our comprehensive SEO audit covers every angle of your site’s SEO health. Speed, indexing issues, important schema (such as recipe cards), keyword opportunities, link analysis are all examined to uncover any hidden issues.

A detailed report and action plan is prepared and we spend several hours on video calls going through all the results and outlining the path forward to ensure your site’s success!

We use a combination of industry leading SEO software tools and manual inspection of various site elements to make sure your site is hitting all the important marks.

We closely inspect the layout of your content and your overall site health to present you with a personal, easy to follow action plan to improve your search engine rankings.

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Table of Contents:

Strategy Review

What is the overall plan for building traffic to your site? How does what you are doing now compare to other similar sites? The strategic review of your site includes many aspects that go beyond SEO. Organic traffic from search engines is but one of many traffic sources for your website. We will prepare and discuss a prioritised action plan for you to implement.

Core Web Vitals

Last year has seen two major updates from Google specifically targeting user experience. Core Web Vitals (CWV) are important metrics used by Google to measure a site visitors overall experience. Also referred to as Page Experience or site speed, Google’s major updates in the last 12 months has webmasters working hard to ensure their sites are working optimally.

As part of the Uku Digital SEO audit we will review the CWV metrics and make specific, actionable recommendations on how to improve them. If we see a quick fix, we will jump right in and fix it as part of the audit process.

Competitive Analysis

The competition for organic search engine traffic is fierce. What are your competitors doing in organic search that you are not? Are there any ‘quick wins’ that can be determined by reviewing the competition?

The Uku Digital Competitive Analysis reviews the top sites in your niche as well as sites similar to your authority and looks for advantages you can build upon. What are your competitors top performing keywords? Pages? All this and more is included in the competitive analysis.

Keyword Opportunities

An analysis of keywords that the site is currently ranking for is conducted, and specific keywords with the potential to increase organic search traffic are identified.  On a video call, specific actions to improve the rankings of these keywords are discussed.

A dataset of all internal links on the site.  Vital for understanding which pages receive the most internal link equity on the site and finding opportunities to improve keyword ranking through the use of internal linking. Internal links reside entirely on your site, therefore they are entirely within your control! We will teach you how to use them to your greatest advantage.

Plugin Audit

Plugins are required to make your site as competitive as possible. However too many plugins or the wrong plugins can be detrimental to your site. Too many plugins slow down your site and old outdated, unsupported plugins can pose a security risk to your site. We will audit all the plugins and discuss each one in a video call.

On Page SEO Elements

Getting on page SEO just right involves many individual HTML elements. We break them down one by one in an easy to understand format and explain which ones are important, why they are important, and what you need to do to maximize your organic search traffic.

Recipe Schema

We work with many food bloggers and recipe schema is absolutely critical to success. We review all of the required schema, how recipe schema is implemented on your site, and provide various tips and tricks so you can squeeze every last drop of authority out of your pages to rank at the top of the search engine results pages.